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The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority is an autonomous institution under the General Education Department, Government of Kerala. It was set up in 1998 for the purpose of co-ordinating and activating the 'Literacy and continuing education activities' launched by the National Literacy Mission, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Its headquarters is in Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala launched the continuing education endeavour on 26th October, 1998 propagating the slogan "Education for all andEducation for ever" six years after it bagged the envious title of total literacy. Presently the KSLMA is fully funded byGovernment of Kerala in order to implement literacy, continuing education and life long learning programme designed and developed by the state. The District Literacy Missions are looking after the activities at the district level. The Continuing Education Centers functioning under the Local Self Government Institutions spread across the state are the service delivery unit of the mission.

Presently the state sponsored lifelong learning programme is concentrated on the Equivalency Programme at the Four levels; 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard equivalency.


As per the approaching paper for the 12th Five Year Plan approved by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala, the state is estimated to have 18 lakh illiterates and 12 lakh neo literates. They found that pockets of illiteracy are urban slums, coastal areas and tribal settlements which needs to receive special attention. The initiatives taken by the National Literacy Mission under the Saakshar Bharat Scheme to reduce illiteracy may be extended to the tribal, fisher folks and other socially marginalized people of Kerala. Another group to be focused is the 25-30 lakhs of migrant population from the various north Indian states.There will be an atempt to recast the definition of literacy beyond the capacity to read and write, to move towards imparting a set of carefully designed skills, information and knowledge to the needy.

Presently The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority (K.S.L.M.A) is focussing not only to letter and numerically literacy, but the other areas also. These are following;

1.Heaith care  2.Social afforestation  3.Legal literacy  4.Financial literacy  5.Protection of environment  6.Disaster risk reduction and preparedness  7.  Electoral Literacy  8. Cleaning literacy  9.Waste Managment  10.Family literacy ect.


To develop literacy skills though continuing education.

To provide chances of each and everyone interested in learning.

To enable the learners to make use of their learning in their daily life.

To develop consciousness to evaluate different social issues.

To conduct research studies associated with nonformal education.

To ensure Secondary-level education to the whole of Kerala.

To nurture career efficiency programmes.

To inform the people about developmental and welfare projects of the government.




Scool drop-outs

Those interested in Life Long Education.




·Retention of literacy skills and provision of oppurtunities to the neo-literates to take their learning beyond basic literacy.

·Creating scope for application of functional literacy for improvement of living conditions and quality of life.

·Dissemination of information on development programme and widening and improving participation of the deprived sections of the society.

·Creation of awareness about national concerns such as national integration conservation and improvement of the environment, women's equality, observance of small family norms etc. and sharing common problems of Community.

·Improvement of economic conditions and general well being as well as improvement of productivity by organising short-duration programmes, orientation courses for providing vocational skills and by taking up linkage activities for establishing direct linkage between continuing education and development activities.

·Provision for facilities for library and reading rooms for creating an environment conducive for literacy efforts and a learning society.

.Ensuring the sustainability of the Kerala Model.


·  Neo-literates

·  School drop-outs

·  Pass-outs of primary schools

·  Pass-outs of Non-formal Education Programme and

·  Other members of the community interested in availing oppurtunities for life-long learning.


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